Mission Statement

We call upon all persons who care for justice and truth to join in the continuing campaign to demonstrate Susan’s innocence and overthrow the conviction. Please get involved in demonstrating Susan's innocence in any of the following ways:
  • Securing evidence to reveal the identity of the real killer - Please see the contact page
  • Contacting your MP, the Government, and other Members of Parliament - by means of personal contact and correspondence
  • Approaching Law Lords, and Lords of Appeal - by means of personal contact and correspondence
  • Appealing to the public - by means of TV, Newspapers and the Internet
  • Working and campaigning with others to bring about a change in Judges' attitudes towards the police
We are proposing a prolonged correspondence campaign to keep Susan in the forefront of prominent people's minds. For a list of names and addresses to use, alongside the ones you already have, please contact us.