Legal Documents

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Reading this document is the easiest way to get an appreciation of what happened at the original trial.

This document, produced by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), highlights all the main concerns regarding the deficiencies of the defence's presentation of Susan's case at the original trial, including the malpractice of the police, and the abuse of forensic evidence.

The report expresses concern regarding no less than fifty different areas of the case.

Prepared by Susan's defence for the 2001 appeal, this document contains a section covering the prosecution's mischievous use of finace as a motive. It is a reasonably easy read covering the issues that the November 2001 appeal was based on.

In this document, the Judges dismiss Susan's appeal, and in so doing, exhonorate police corruption and so become corrupt themselves.

Here Andrew Green demonstrates that by this judgement, the Judges have ignored the laws passed by parliament governing proper police practice.

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